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AutoCAD & Solidworks designing - 3D printer prototyping - CNC machined / Laser cut - Custom Parts testing and installation

Dyno Runs and Dyno Tuning

Dyno Tuning per hour $150
-All Dyno runs include AFR monitoring at the tail pipe.

Types of fuels we can easily tune with:
Pump gas - 87, 89, 91, 92 octane
High octane pump gas - 100 octane
E85 tuning – Bio Fuel, Flex Fuel, Corn Gas whatever you want to call it…(where applicable)
Race fuels:
- 109 octane (no lead)
- 110 octane (leaded)
- C16 (leaded)
- C18 (leaded)
- Q16

Pre-Dyno check up starting at $200 and up
For most first time Dyno customers, we recommend a thorough inspection of:
- the air charge system (ie boost/vacuum leak testing)
- the spark plugs and compression (to make sure they are properly matched to the potential power level)
- pressure testing the cooling system (make sure there are no leaks and system is full)
- injector electrical testing (to make sure there are no electrically weak injectors)
- Check condition of lubricants (engine, transmission, and differential)
- Check timing and adjust as needed
- Overall, make sure vehicle is running smooth and in spec.

Because any one of these systems can compromise the accuracy and efficency of the horsepower numbers and can have catastrophic results if neglected.

For those who are mechanically inclined and wish to prep your vehicle before hand, here is a list of items to do and check (similar the list above):
- Change the oil (preferable with a good synthetic or upper end race oil – We prefer and recommend SWEPCO)
- Make sure cooling system is full and has no leaks
- If you have the means do a boost/vacuum leak test and tighten all clamps
- Change spark plugs with proper plugs for your estimated power range
- Check timing and adjust as needed
- Check over all electrical connection (make sure they are connected and free of corrosion)
- Check timing belt where applicable for any cracks
- If you have tuning software or hardware, make sure it is in working order.
- Make sure tires are properly inflated and have good tread